Despite the year being challenging in many ways and for many sectors, the generic veterinary medicines industry was not greatly impacted by covid-19. The companies represented by the European Group for Generic Veterinary Products (EGGVP) continued gradual growth and reached a total turnover of 1.9 billion euros (€ 1.8 billion in 2019). Also, the share of EU sales grew in comparison to other regions.

At the same time, the number of employees increased from 7,246 to 7,574.

EGGVP represents the industry of generic and added value veterinary medicines throughout Europe. EGGVP welcomed two new members, hosting 26 companies at the end of the year.

Since 2011, EGGVP members’ average generic veterinary medicines sales per company have increased from 45 million euros to 74 million euros. Most of them SMEs, the companies are important employers in various EU countries. In 2011, they employed 160 people in average, and in 2020, the number had risen to 291.

“During this exceptional year, our sector showed resilience. The veterinary medicines were considered one of the essential products, which helped protect the manufacturers from the negative impacts of the pandemic. The growing sales of our members mean wider access to affordable, safe, and efficient products and more well-being for farm and companion animals,” states Dolores Cainzos, EGGVP chair.

In 2020, the EGGVP continued active participation in the technical implementation of new EU veterinary medicines legislation and supported its members with preparations ahead of the legislation coming into force in January 2022.

EGGVP turnover 2020
EGGVP Employees 2020