A steady growth of the industry of generic veterinary medicines in Europe continued in 2019. The companies represented by the European Group for Generic Veterinary Products (EGGVP) reached a total turnover of 1.8 billion euros which is an average of 5% increase per company from the previous year. Together the members, most of which are SMEs, employ over 7,200 people in Europe.

EGGVP represents the industry of generic and added value veterinary medicines throughout Europe. During 2019, EGGVP welcomed two new members representing 26 companies. The total global sales of the members increased from 1.6 to 1.8 billion euros. Their sales in Europe grew from 946 million euros to 1.1 billion euros. In 2019, EGGVP members employed 7,246 people in Europe, an additional 20 employees per company in average compared to the previous year.

Since 2011, EGGVP members have increased their veterinary medicines sales from 45 million euros to 69 million euros in average. They have also become more significant employers. In 2011, their veterinary operations employed 160 people in average, whereas in 2019, the average amount of employees was 280 per company.

“Our market analysis carried out in 2019 already revealed the dynamism and continuous expansion of the EU’s generic veterinary medicines market. The organic growth of our members in the EU area confirms the continued commitment and efforts of the industry on the European market,” says Dolores Cainzos, EGGVP chair.

“Our members play an important role in bringing accessible, affordable, safe, and efficient products, even to the smaller markets and for minor species. We are highly committed to creating added value to animal health and welfare, and the society,” Cainzos adds.

For EGGVP, year 2019 was marked by active contribution and preparation for the new EU legislation on veterinary medicinal products and medicated feed that comes into force in January 2022. Many companies were also impacted by Brexit as they were forced to prepare and make additional adjustments.