With continued growth, the generic and added value veterinary medicines industry surpassed two billion euros in sales in 2021. The companies represented by Access VetMed reached a total turnover of € 2.2 billion (€ 1.9 billion in 2020). The role of the EU market for their business continued to grow at the expense of other markets. Companies were also active in employing new workforce. The number of employees reached almost 8,000 (7,600).

Access VetMed represents 26 manufacturers of generic and added value veterinary medicines in Europe. During 2021, the association welcomed one new member from Romania extending the geographical coverage to 14 EU countries.

Since 2011, Access VetMed members’ average sales per company has nearly doubled from 45 million euros to 83 million euros. Mostly SMEs, their role as employers is significant in various EU countries. When in 2011, they employed 160 people in average, in 2021, the number had risen to 305.

“We are pleased to witness yet another positive year for our member companies. Knowing that the past year required a lot of their human and technical resources to adapt to the new EU veterinary medicines legislation, they still were able to strengthen their presence in the European market. The industry – and animal health – were challenged by regulatory threats which we, together with our members and other animal health organisations were fortunately able to tackle. We will continue our efforts to increase Europeans’ access to affordable, safe, efficient, and convenient quality products for the well-being of farm and companion animals,” confirms Dolores Cainzos, Access VetMed chair.

In 2021, Access VetMed changed its name from the European Group for Generic Veterinary Products (EGGVP) as a response to the growing number of added value veterinary medicines being produced by its members.