The European Group for Generic Veterinary Products, EGGVP welcomes a global pet pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturer Beaphar as its 26th member. Based in The Netherlands, Beaphar has been operating since 1942. Its main focus are the veterinary medicinal products for the treatment against ecto- and endoparasiticides in cats and dogs. It also manufactures healthcare products for other household animals.

“I am delighted to welcome Beaphar to our association. Their long history in generic veterinary products strengthens our voice and visibility in representing our members in the EU. Their technical expertise will also support our engagement in the policy debates and regulatory processes,” says Dolores Cainzos, chair of EGGVP.

Founded in 2002 in Brussels, EGGVP represents the pharmaceutical industry of generic veterinary medicinal products in Europe. It promotes the interest of its members aiming to achieve a transparent, harmonised, pragmatic, and proportionate regulatory environment. Its guiding principle is to increase the availability of affordable, high quality, safe and effective veterinary medicinal products to veterinarians, farmers and pet owners across Europe.