The European Group for Generic Veterinary Products, EGGVP, has changed its name to Access VetMed. The new name reflects the core aim of the association which is to increase access to veterinary medicines.

Ahead of its 20th anniversary year, the European Group for Generic Veterinary Products, EGGVP, has renewed its name and becomes Access VetMed. With the name change, the association wants to be easily recognised as the voice of the European industry of generic and added-value veterinary medicines while communicating to a wider audience about the many benefits of the generic veterinary medicines to animal health and society at large.

“As an EU industry organisation, we want to raise awareness about the generic and added-value veterinary medicines and their beneficial qualities availability, convenience, compliance, efficacy, safety, and savings – that can be condensed into ACCESS. These features have a significant impact to animal health and well-being, which also directly contributes to human and environmental health,” states Dolores Cainzos, chair of Access VetMed.

“With the name change, we also wanted to acknowledge that our members increasingly produce added-value veterinary products that contain improved features, such as a more convenient form, dosage or palatability compared to the originator. This also brings more access to treatments,” Cainzos adds.

Access VetMed factsheet

Additional information:

Elsa Vecino, technical director, [email protected], +32 473 126 307.
Mari Saarteinen, communications manager, [email protected], +32 497 428 099.

Access VetMed

Founded in 2002 in Brussels, Access VetMed, former EGGVP, represents the pharmaceutical industry of generic and added-value veterinary medicinal products in Europe. It promotes the interest of its members aiming to achieve a transparent, harmonised, pragmatic, and proportionate regulatory environment. Its guiding principle is to increase the availability of affordable, high quality, safe and effective veterinary medicinal products to veterinarians, and farm and companion animal owners across Europe.