It’s been over a month since Russia attacked Ukraine. We have, on a daily basis, witnessed the suffering of the Ukrainian people amidst the shellings and fleeing their country. Their situation has risen an unprecedented solidarity, generosity and support at all levels of society from private individuals to big and small enterprises and organisations. Hundreds of NGOs and volunteers are on the ground in Ukraine and in the neighbouring countries doing what they can to help.

All of us have felt the need to do something. Our member companies have matched their employees’ donations to established organisations or to private initiatives. Many have also looked for concrete ways to help the refugees.    

Since the early days of the crisis, our Hungarian member Alpha-Vet has provided veterinary medicines to vets working at the border with Ukraine. They help people arriving with companion animals get them microchipped and vaccinated so that they can all enter Hungary.

Vet-Agro, our Polish member, is providing medicines to the border through a veterinary clinic of an animal shelter in Lublin. The clinic organises transports of medicines and care products to be directly delivered to where the help is most needed – to the vets working at the points that receive the refugees.

In turn, our French member Dômes Pharma has delivered 600 kilos of wound disinfection and 200 kilos of pet milk powder via their subsidiary in Germany. The products were first delivered to an animal shelter Tierheim in Berlin and then shipped to Poland to Stiftung Centaurus which eventually transported them to Ukraine.

For more ways to help, the European Commission published EU stands with Ukraine website offering information for Ukranians, but also for other Europeans who want to help. It includes details of numerous organisations present in Ukraine and in the EU member states, through which we can keep helping.